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C# Control Structures

Everything you need to know about controlling program flow with C#

C# Design Patterns

Learn how the pros build C# apps by using established good practices and common design patterns

C# Fundamentals

The foundation for your C# knowledge starts here. We’ll jump right into the code and the guts of the C# lanaguage

C# Methods and Functions

Methods are one of the building blocks of C#. They’re also called functions in some cases. We’ll explore these with our introduction here.

C# Unit Testing and Debugging

Good code needs good tests. Work up front building tests will save you time down the road. Here are some articles to teach you how to build better tests and debug your software better.

Collaborating with other Programmers

Using source control and Agile to collaborate with others

Frequently Asked Questions about C#

Got questions about C#? Here are some very common questions and answers about C# Programming

Introduction to C#

Want to learn C#? Let’s get started with the basics. Follow our tutorials and learn C# fast!

Object Oriented Programming in C#

Object oriented programming is key to building scalable applications in C#

Secure Coding in C#

If you’re going to write code, it better be secure. Here are some articles to help you learn about creating secure C# code

Working with Data in C#

Every application you build will have some sort of data. Here’s how to work with data, both big and small in C#.