C# Methods and Functions

Methods are one of the building blocks of C#. They’re also called functions in some cases. We’ll explore these with our introduction here.

Defining Methods in C#

Learn how to define methods in C# with our comprehensive guide. Discover the basics of method definition, parameter passing, return types, and more. Improve your coding skills today!

Delegates in C#

Unlock the power of delegates in C#! Learn how to use these versatile tools to simplify your code and improve its flexibility. Discover the ins and outs of delegate definitions, event handling, and more!

Method Parameters and Return Types in C#

Unlock the full potential of your C# methods with our comprehensive guide to parameter passing and return types. Learn how to declare and use parameters effectively, and discover the power of return types in creating more robust and flexible code.

Overloading Methods in C#

Unlock the power of method overloading in C#! Learn how to create versatile and reusable methods that can handle multiple input parameters and scenarios with ease. Discover the benefits of overloading and how it can improve your code’s readability, maintainability, and performance.

Recursive Methods in C#: A Guide for Beginners

Unlock the Power of Recursion! Discover the Secret to Efficient Code with C# Recursive Methods. Learn How to Harness the Magic of Self-Reference and Take Your Programming Skills to the Next Level!